"I am truly envious. There is no need to fear what you do not know."

Alexandrina Victoria is the reigning Queen of Britain. Despite her overly-grandiose and extravagant appearance and behavior, she is an incredibly effective monarch who puts the well-being of her subjects and the growth of her nation above all else. She is somehow acquainted with Cardia’s father.[1]


Victoria has white hair that is done in an elegant up do, accessorized with a black head dress and a pumpkin fur hat. She has cerise eyes and pale skin. She wears a golden dress, pulled together with a corset a dark brown lace. Her dress has a lighter yellow bow in the front with a design of black stripes, hexagonal patterns at the knee down part of it. The dress has a high collar which fans out, and a black brooch for fashion. She wears an orange cloak with white fur around her shoulders and see through black tights and under shirt. She also wears yellow high heels with a black accent.


Victoria seems cold and calculating, but seemingly cares about Finis (as if he were her own child).




  • Victoria is loosely based on Queen Victoria, who ruled the actual United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901.
  • Alexandrina Victoria makes an appearance alongside the other characters of Code: Realize in the Idea Factory otome card game Sephirot ~World Tree of Time~ , which contains characters exclusively from otome games published by the company Otomate.