Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, known as Code: Realize ~Princess of Genesis~ (Code:Realize ~創世の姫君~, Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~) in Japan, is an adaptation of the game of the same name. It is set to air in October of 207



No. Title Original Air Date
1 "London Steam"

"Rondon suchīmu" (ロンドン・スチーム) 

October 7, 2017
Cardia Beckford, a young girl living in old London, is feared and branded as a monster due to the possession of a virulent poison in her body that melts away at anything. Confined alone in her family mansion by her father, she is captured by the British Army but rescued by Arsène Lupin, a handsome thief, and his friend Impey Barbicane, a self-proclaimed genius engineer. Riding off to their mansion hideout in the forest, she is introduced to Victor Frankenstein, a genius alchemist and scientist who acts together with Impey and Lupin. There, Cardia learns that her father, Isaac, was an inventor who created many amazing inventions, one of which, the Horologium, is embedded inside her and currently functions as her heart. It is that reason that Cardia possesses that certain poison, which she uses gloves and specially altered clothes to suppress. As Isaac is involved in a terrorist plot along with a secret organisation known only as Twilight, many out there wish to capture her for the Horologium.

"The Strongest Stalker" "Za sutorongesuto sutōkā" (ザ・ストロンゲスト・ストーカー) 

October 14, 2017
The next day, Cardia is introduced to Saint-Germain, the aristocrat who is the owner of the mansion. Wishing to let Cardia see the world, the men take her out on a steam-engine to the streets of London in disguise, where Victor and Impey buy supplies and Lupin shows her around, leaving Saint at the mansion. Noticing that they are being followed, an attempt to lose their pursuers in a deserted alleyway leads to a confrontation between them and soldiers working for Twilight. After their defeat, they come face-to-face with another man holding two shotguns. He wishes to use Cardia as bait, but Lupin manages to meet up with Impey and Victor. Rammed into a corner, Victor offers a deal to the man, whom he recognises as Abraham Van Helsing. Through much deliberation and convincing, Van Helsing accepts the deal on the condition that he gets to take the life of Finis, the leader of Twilight who harbors connections with the Queen Victoria herself. 
3 "Vampire Requiem"

"Vuanpaia rekuiemu" (ヴァンパイア・レクイエム) 

October 21, 2017
The men resolve to teach Cardia basic skills in each of the fields that they specialise in so she can be more useful. Recently, a "phantom thief" has been robbing sacred vampire treasures, and the reward for sending him to the royal palace is five million dollars. Seizing this as an opportunity after Saint admonishes them for splurging, they set out to catch the thief, who, thanks to Lupin, has managed to pinpoint his next target down to a pendant known as Nosferatu's Saber famed for being worn by the king of vampires Delacroix I himself. As predicted, the thief appears, showing himself to be a vampire child and the son of Delacroix I, Delacroix II. Van confronts him, which the latter proposes revenge as the former had killed his parents during a vampire hunt in England. Van defeats the vampire boy easily, and Cardia, taking pity on him, asks that they let him stay at the mansion. 
4 "Train Snatch"

"Torein sunacchi" (トレイン・スナッチ)

October 28, 2017
Lupin puts forth a bold plan to capture Finis, who is planning to head for an inspection by train. Disguising themselves, Lupin and Cardia infiltrate the back cabin of the train while Impey is stationed elsewhere to pick up the team as they make their escape. Van helps clear the cabins of soldiers as Saint is positioned to make sure their plan goes well. The two are then confronted by Herlock Sholmès, a private detective hired by Queen Victoria to observe and escort Finis. Cardia heads to the back of the train to disable the last cabin where Finis is riding in, succeeding with ease as Arsène escapes on the back of Impey's flying machine, called an ornithopter. However, they are informed too late by Saint that their plan had failed. Finis, along with a guard named Aleister, ambushes Cardia and Van in his cabin, revealing that he was the one who had cunningly orchestrated everything by leaking out such information as well as Cardia's younger brother. As Impey heads back to the train while being chased by a British aircraft, they save the two trapped on the train and return to the mansion. 
5 "Negotiated Solution"

"Negoshieiteddo soryūshon" (ネゴシエイテッド・ソリューション) 

November 4, 2017
By the hands of Finis, the entire team except for Cardia is made "Wanted" criminals for terrorism after the train-bombing incident. After their pictures have been posted on the headlines of the London newspapers, Victor, disturbed, leaves the house that night after being shut up in his lab without eating anything. Following him, Cardia realizes that he is attempting to negotiate with Queen Victoria to get his and his team's Wanted status revoked, as he had once previously held the Queen's confidence by being the Head Royal Alchemist. As dawn breaks, the pair is chased by the royal guards and Twilight soldiers until Lupin and Van arrive to save them. Cardia, Victor, and Impey escape in the ornithopter and head to Buckingham Palace, where Victor threatens to leak information if the Queen didn't pardon them. As the Queen removes their charges, Victor reveals that in his past, in his quest to create the famed Philosopher's Stone, he had instead created a deadly poison known as Zicterium. After Victor left the palace, Isaac took over the project and subsequently created the Horologium. 
6 "Illegal Race"

"Irīgaru rēsu" (イリーガル・レース) 

November 4, 2017
As the annual Black Gathering, an airship race sponsored by mafia organisations, approaches, the gang learns the prize for winning is none other than Issac Beckford's handwritten notes and decide to participate. Obtaining an old airship, Impey works to prepare it as the race grows closer; however, the work on it finishes the day of the race, causing them to barely catch the race start time. Participating alongside him is an eccentric scientist named Nemo, who declared Victor as his rival when they were both members of the Royal Society. As Lupin had stolen several parts from other sources, its owners recognise it and a heated battle ensues as money will be granted to whoever knocks it down. Crashing the other aircraft, Impey goes for an emergency crash-land on the finish line as the engine overheats, winning the race. 
7 "Forgiveness for the Past"

"Itsuka no Yurushi" (いつかの許し) 

November 18, 2017
After visiting Isaac's laboratory, Cardia learns that she is a homunculus, an artificially created human being. Shocked and frightened, she departs the mansion in an attempt to find her former home to check its identity, recollecting how she was pursued as a monster by the villagers back in Wales, her hometown. While running, she met a woman called Elaine who invited Cardia into her home without fear, and even treated her injury, until the villagers stormed her house and caused it to collapse. Etty, Elaine's daughter, was taken to safety by the villagers, but Elaine died in the rubble, causing Etty to hate Cardia. In the present, Cardia finds a letter addressed to herself from her father just as the villagers begin attempting to drive her out after Etty informs them of her continued existence. Lupin arrives just in time to save her and they camp out in the forest. There, he reveals how his teacher, who had taught him his values and judgement, died with a deep regret that he knew of Isaac's plot but did nothing to stop it, so Lupin decides to do the deed for him. After the night has passed, Etty informs the pair secretly that the villagers are lying in wait at a path in the forest before running away as Cardia smiles happily through tears. On their way back, Cardia shows Lupin her father's letter, which consists of papers with mathematical formulae, and a normal letter regarding the code name of Isaac's terrorist group — Code: Realize — and its base — St. Paul's Cathedral. 
8 "The Flames of War"

"Senka" (戦火) 

November 25, 2017
The rest of the gang searches for Cardia in London as an explosion suddenly occurs in the city, signalling Finis' move and Isaac's terrorism. As Cardia meets up with the others, Saint does the same with Guinevere, a friend and organisation member of Idea, an organisation devoted to overseeing history. Arsène and Cardia escape with Queen Victoria and her general as the rest face-off against the rebel forces and Twilight soldiers. As Lupin is injured protecting her, Finis provokes her on London Bridge as the rest of the gang stow away on Impey's aircraft. 
9 "Prayer"

"Inori" (祈り) 

December 2, 2017
London was occupied by Finis by a coup d'etat. In addition, he was progressing the plan of "Code: Realize". Meanwhile, Saint who appeared before Cardia said himself as "apostle of Idea". And, as its mission, told Cardia, who is the key to activating "Code: Realize", to take her own life and to leave the place. In addition, Van comes under the damaged Lupin. Van speaks to Lupin, who worries that Cardia is suffering. 
10 "Promise"

"Yakusoku" (約束) 

December 9, 2017
The Queen's forces advance to St. Paul's Cathedral.
11 "Code:Realize"   December 16, 2017
12 "Warmth"

"Nukomori" (ぬくもり) 

December 23, 2017

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