This page covers the gameplay and mechanics of Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~.


General Edit

Directional buttons Select items, move cursor
◯ button Close message window, cancel items
✕ button Advance text, confirm items
□ button Skip messages
△ button Open the System Menu
L button Quick Save
R button Quick Load
START Automatically advances text
SELECT Set skipped message as read/Force skip
Left stick Display History, change camera angle during CG scenes
Right stick Enlarge/Shrink the screen during CG scenes
Touch Screen (Tap) Advance text, confirm items

Note: Some items are not compatible with tapping.

Using the Touch Screen Edit

Tap Lightly touch with fingers
Drag Drag fingers across the screen, and let go
Flick Flick the screen with fingers to specific directions
Pinch in/out Bring two fingers closer together, or apart

Game System Edit

Name Edit

The player is allowed to use up to 5 characters to rename the protagonist at the start of a new game.

  • Note: If you use the default name, characters will say the player’s name out loud during voiced dialog.

Game Flow Edit

The player will jump into the role of the main protagonist, Cardia (her default name), and the story will begin. The choices the player makes will not only influence the affection level of the characters they interact with, but will they will also change the course of the story.

System Menu Edit

Press the △ button during gameplay to display the System Menu.

  • Save: Save the current game data.
    • Note: A PlayStation®Vita memory card with over 10MB of empty space is required to save data.
    • Note: Up to 90 saved files can be created.
  • Load: Resume a previously saved game.
  • Glossary: View terminology that has appeared in the main scenario.
  • Settings: Change various game settings.
  • Title: Return to the title screen.
    • Note: If you return to the title screen in the middle of gameplay, your progress up until that point will not be saved.
  • Back: Return to the game screen.

Memory Trunk Edit

  • Event: View event CGs that have appeared during gameplay.
  • BGM: Listen to BGM that has played during gameplay.
  • Movie: Watch movies that have been played in the gameplay.
  • Extras: View the bonus scenarios that are unlocked as players experience each ending.