This page outlines all the trophies that can be earned in Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~.

Trophy List Edit

Trophy Name (JP) Name (ENG) Desc. Grade
CR Trophy 1
コドリアマスター  C: R Master Obtain all trophies Platinum
CR Trophy 2
奇跡の始まり  The Miracle Begins Clear the Prologue Bronze
CR Trophy 3
機鋼都市ロンドン  Steel London Clear Chapter 1 Bronze
CR Trophy 4
集う者たち  The Gathering Clear Chapter 2 Bronze
CR Trophy 5
目的のために  For an Objective Clear Chapter 3 Bronze
CR Trophy 6
再会  Reunion Clear Chapter 4 Bronze
CR Trophy 7
吸血鬼の王  The Vampire King Clear Chapter 5 Bronze
CR Trophy 8
命懸けの交渉  Life-Threatening Talks Clear Chapter 6 Bronze
CR Trophy 9
大空の戦い  The Great Sky Battle Clear Chapter 7 Bronze
CR Trophy 10
666番目の少女  The 666th Girl Clear Chapter 8 Bronze
CR Trophy 11
復讐者  Avenger Start Van Helsing's route Bronze
CR Trophy 12
罪深き者  Sinner Start Victor's route Bronze
CR Trophy 13
夢を追ってどこまでも  Dreamchaser Start Impey's route Bronze
CR Trophy 14
誘う人  Temptation Start Saint-Germain's route Bronze
CR Trophy 15
彼が選んだものは  What He Chose Clear Van Helsing's route Bronze
CR Trophy 16
君と世界を  The World, With You Clear Victor's route Bronze
CR Trophy 17
一途な愛  Honest Love Clear Impey's route Bronze
CR Trophy 18
不死者の恋  Undying Love Clear Saint-Germain's route Bronze
CR Trophy 19
麗しき泥棒紳士  Graceful Thief Start Lupin's route Bronze
CR Trophy 20
創世の姫君  Guardian of Rebirth Clear Lupin's route Silver
CR Trophy 21
ヴァンとの思い出  Memories of Van Helsing Unlock all Van Helsing images Silver
CR Trophy 22
フランとの思い出  Memories of Victor Unlock all Victor images Silver
CR Trophy 23
インピーとの思い出  Memories of Impey Unlock all Impey images Silver
CR Trophy 24
サンとの思い出  Memories of Saint-Germain Unlock all Saint-Germain images Silver
CR Trophy 25
ルパンとの思い出  Memories of Lupin Unlock all Lupin images Silver
CR Trophy 26
旅の思い出  Memories of the Journey Unlock all non-character images Silver
CR Trophy 27
肌色な世界  A World of Skin See everyone's extra scenes Gold
CR Trophy 28
物知りなお嬢様  Woman of Knowledge Fill the Glossary Gold
CR Trophy 29
歴史を知る者  Historical Mind Complete the Path of Genesis Gold
CR Trophy 30
少女の行く末  The Girl's Future See everyone's True Endings Gold
CR Trophy 31
記憶の扉  Doors to Memory See all ending movies Gold
CR Trophy 32
Congratulation!!  Congratulations! Collect all images Gold