"Fear me, foolish humans!"

Delacroix II is the offspring of one of the few vampires to survive eradication by humanity, with an intense grudge he holds against Helsing that is more than justified in his mind.

Despite still being a child, he has benefited greatly from being a vampire; for example he is far stronger than he appears.[1]

He is also voiced by Miho Ishigami in Japanese and Trina Nishimura in English.






  • His full name is "Dracula Delacroix". After his father's death, he abandoned that name and began calling himself "Delacroix II".
  • Impey began calling him "Delly" ("Dela-chan" or "Dora-chan" in Japanese) as a nickname. Despite his vocal dislike of the name, the rest of the group continues to use it.
  • He is loosely based on the literary figure Count Dracula, the well known vampire from the English horror novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker (1897).
  • He considers Sisi to be a part of his "army" for when he finally gets revenge on mankind.
  • Despite having little to no contact with Herlock, he's often seen with him in the official art. One example of this is the last picture that was posted on the Code Realize official blog, where Herlock and Delly are shown waving goodbye to the viewers.