"Sister, I will not let you get away, no matter what it takes."

Finis is a young, enigmatic boy who is the head of Twilight, a mysterious intelligence agency. No one really knows anything about him, not even his age. Rumors persist that he may be immortal. He is hell-bent on capturing Cardia for personal reasons.[1]


He is the only character with Heterochromatic eyes. His left eye is green but the right one is blue. He has very light ash blond hair tied up in two buns and he has two blue dots in his fringe. He wears a triple cape and spurred boots. Between the buns he wears a small tophat with a orange stripe. His color scheme is orange-brown-white. He wears a big belt with steampunk features. His pants and sleeves are cream colored and very puffy. He also has gears here and there in his outfit.


He has an inferiority complex towards to Cardia and believes he is more useful to Isaac than her.

Finis thinks high of himself and looks down on everyone else in the game (except Isaac). All he wants is to make his father proud and does basically everything he asks for and more to prove to him that he's useful. He thinks that is the purpose of his life and is therefor willing to do everything to get what he wants and thinks of everyone else as obstacles in his way. He thinks its fun making Cardia feel sad, he hates her more than anything and tells her how useless she is and how she's a monster.


Prologue Edit

The British Government is looking for a monster that can burn skin on the orders of Finis, leader of a secret government agency known as Twilight. When they find Cardia in the mansion, they are surprised that their monster is a woman and proceed to take her into custody. They quickly lose custody due to the intervention of Lupin and Impey, but Finis is not so easily deterred.

Chapter 1: London SteamEdit

Chapter 2: The Strongest StalkerEdit

Chapter 3: A Girl’s EducationEdit

Chapter 4: Train RobberyEdit

Finis intro cg

Finis on the train.

Chapter 5: The Vampire’s RequiemEdit

Chapter 6: Negotiated SolutionEdit

Chapter 7: The Buoyant and the Bellicose Edit

Chapter 8: Nobody Understands the TruthEdit



  • "Finis" is the Latin word for "end" or "limit".
  • He never got a happy ending in the first game, Code Realize: ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  • He loves cake.
  • Along with the other Code Realize: ~Guardian of Rebirth~ characters, he's featured in Sephirot ~World Tree of Time~. He is of the skill class.



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