"Be careful. It doesn't take much to get someone killed."

Jimmy A. Aleister is an elderly gentleman who is Twilight’s second-in-command and runs their operations division.He and Helsing have apparently crossed paths before.[1]


Aleister dons a top hat that mostly covers his long, gray hair. He wears a monocle and has a mustache and beard. He sports a burgundy scarf and cream colored long coat, which has an orange emblem on the shoulder.

His vest is checkered and transitions between a light gray and a dark brown. The upper half of his pants are light brown, while the lower half is a chocolate brown. He always carries a snake-headed staff, although he's never shown using it for anything other than decoration.


Aleister has a very calm and polite character, making him a likable man.




  • His name most likely originates from the occultist Aleister Crowley, who created the name for AZOTH - a fluid sought after by alchemists like the Philosopher's stone. It later became an alternate name for the substance Mercury.
  • His snake-headed staff may be a reference to the caduceus, a staff carried by the god Mercury. It was used as an alchemy symbol to represent duality.