Code Realize-Guardian of Rebirth, also known as Princess of Genesis

This story features beautiful illustrations, exciting conflict, and charming romance.So brace yourself, for I, Cardia Beckford, will show you.

So let's do the story first *no spoilers* so I can clear things up.

Basically, my skin holds a dangerous poison that rots anything that I touch.This scenario is absolutely horrifying, which prompts the locals to call me "a monster." The Royal Guard has heard of this, and so they eventually break in my lonely mansion to arrest me for it.


A young man named Arsène Lupin mysteriously rescues me and takes me away to a steampunk version of london.Soon, me and him meet four other gentlemen...

And that's the primary story.I'll let you see the rest for yourself *wink* :)

Now the characters.

The six main characters are me, Lupin, HelsingSaint-GermainImpey, and Victor.However, there are many more characters in the story as well...

Official Popularity Poll~

Lupin won! I got 5th place, not so bad.Poor Impey, he was upset because he got 6th.Helsing got 2nd, Saint-Germain got 3rd, and Victor got 4th.

(It's in japanese, so try to figure out what they're saying)

Not to worry, this blog isn't over, I promise I'll make another one...! Goodbye!