Really? Who are the people in this story? Let us find out!

The five main characters

Arsène Lupin- The mysterious young  thief who rescues me from The Royal Guard.He is very outgoing and cheerful, and is possibly the deuteragonist of the story.

Abraham Van Helsing- A headstrong vampire hunter whom meets me and Lupin.

Count Saint-Germain- An  courteous but somewhat strange landowner who is reowned for his incredible wealth.

Victor Frankenstein- A kind and gentle scientist who is unfortunately wanted by The Royal Guard.

Impey Barbicane- An genius inventor and friend of Lupin that is constantly mocked for his self-confident and flirtatious demeanor.

These five are the men that Cardia may or may not develop feelings for...


Rempart Leonhardt- A skilled and prideful soldier in the British Army.Holds a grudge against Lupin...why?

Finis- The second humanoid created by Isaac Beckford, making him my "younger brother." However, he is the leader of Twilight, and wants to capture me due to an inferiority complex.

Assailant- Also known as the pursuer, this murderous vampire will stop at nothing to crush her rivals.

Nemo- A rude and sadistic scientist who disregards others.

These people will try to harm Cardia and her friends...

Minor Characters

Omnibus- A sweet elderly woman whom Cardia meets during her journey.

Herlock Sholmes- An highly intelligent and calm private detective who helps me and my friends.

Delacroix II - A young vampire boy who dislikes Helsing.

Elaine- A young woman whom Cardia has met in the past.

Etty- Elaine's daughter.

Sisi- A dog whith a mechanical arm that was built by Impey.He acts catious with everyone until he meets me.

Jimmy A Aleister- A polite elderly gentleman who is working for Twilight.

Alexandria Victoria-The queen of Great Britain.

Isaac Beckford- The enigmatic father of Cardia and Finis.

Are these characters useless...? Perhaps not...

And that's all of the characters! I hope you know more about them now!